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Global Indian International School 5th Anniversary Concert

Venue: Singapore Indoor Stadium

No of Paxs:  8000 paxs

Scope of Works

The planning of this concert took a year to plan. As the appointed in house event planner, I was tasked to look for a suitable venue and Singapore Indoor Stadium was selected.

Thru the months, the concepts changed and the performance expanded. As such, the planning include collaborating with India’s concert producer, Zee Channel as well as local partners.

The set up took 1 week to set up however the school rehearsal commenced 3 months.  2 months to the actual event, it was almost daily meetings and site visit with both internal and external stakeholders.

During the week of set up, my team and I literally slept at the indoor stadium to ensure the set up and technical set up was on schedule.

This event was indeed the largest turnkey concert which I have event managed in my entire event management career. The scope of work comprise of venue scouring, fabrication , press release, live filming ,  engaging Indian celebrity hosts , setting and co coordinating performers schedule,  getting of licences for pyrotechnic, fire  safety, risk management , food and beverage for performers and VIPS.

As this is a very significant and important milestone for the school, we had many foreign ministers and local ministers invited to the event and thus we had to ensure the safety and employed security officers to provide the additional security for the event.

The budget for this event was also overblown by 2 fold however with the support of top companies in India and Singapore, we manage to run the event without incurring a loss.

After months of hard work, the night’s concert was an extreme success as it was beam in 17 countries around the world and all the major press in the region took up the news and that’s brought the months of hard work a great satisfaction for everyone in the team.

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