Avaya Technology Forum 2014

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Avaya Technology Forum 2014

Venue : Marina Bay Sands

No of Paxs: 400 paxs

Scope of Works

I was engaged as an event consultant for the innaural technology forum which was held in Asia for the first time.  My role in this project was to be the bridge between the appointed event company and the client. Unlike most occasions,  where the event company is tasked to manage the event , provide the concept, event logistic once the brief and award is given to the event company.

In this instance,  I worked with our client in developing the theme, design the invite to quote for the hotels, event agencies to pitch . Other scope of work include ensuring the overall budget did not exceed and sponsorship procurement .  While the appointed event agency manages the operations and logistic part of the event. I manage the overall theme and key messages with various internal teams around the world to ensure that the key deliverables are met.

One of the value add service which I provided during this event was my wealth of experience in ensuring that the overall kpi are met.

With the success of the event  I have been appointed for the 2015 forum which will have more stakeholders involved.

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