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9 Ideas to Leverage On Pokémon Go For Your Next Marketing Campaign

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The buzzwords these days in the world is Pokémon Go and the craze has caught on  with both young and old in search of pokemons at park , places of interest, malls so and so forth. With the heat catching on, this allows event planners, business as well as marketers to  leverage  on the current wave with new marketing campaign and here are 9 ideas about Pokémon Go that you can leverage on.


Celebrating its 20th year since its was created, Pokémon has evolved to Pokémon Go where the game has moved from its original card games , books to its current augmented reality version in which it has succeeded in catching the masses liking. Similarly , as marketers and business we can also evolve our past ideas or campaigns and design it for the current market.

 Augmented Reality
The most exciting component of the game as it allows one to interact with  real objects and places
the blend of digital and live engagement will create potential effect in both events and business.
Though the price to set up the application of the technology is a high ticket item, one can start with a shared augmented reality platform like  arkeep whre are augmented reality apps. This apps can be downloaded on both apple and google  play. Another use of augmented reality in exhibition or forum  would be the use of story to the event that leads up to the day of the event.
In the game of Pokémon Go, Pokémon trainers are rewarded with medals and pokeballs through challenges and similar to the game, marketers and business can reward their customers and attendees with multiple level of rewards through simple games like wheel of fortune, tic tac toe and even have an improved version of loyalty card.
pokemon promotion
If you have an event or sales or even a retail front that are situated in a slow traffic position , as a marketer or business you can leverage on pokemon would be designing ‘Pokestops’ related promotion or incentive and hype it up with ‘lure module’  to get customers to stay longer at your outlet or business. There are countless of ideas that  you can generate from this current pokemon go craze.  Eg include : poke hunt , tag a pokestop etc.
Source :
Photo Opportunities
Snapping photos and posting on social media is one the favourite with lots of people. Similarly , as a business or as an event organizer , one can leverage on the photo opportunities of the event or business to increase event brand awareness and to entice to spread the word, through hashtag , provide incentive to the attendees with freebies, or discounts .
Value Add Services
As the game takes up lots of data and battery life, as a business as well as an event organizer, placing battery charging stations for the players to charge their phones and while they are at it , entice them to post event happenings with a contest and for business a discount for a drink or merchandise .
Like downloading the game of Pokémon Go is free, event planners and business can also consider as a prelude to your upcoming event or meeting or promotions with free contents by presenters or free breakfast for the 1st …. arrival at a live event etc. Who would not like free stuffs ?
Leveraging on the current craze, business and event organisers can strike a win for all strategy through sponsorship of the event or forum . If you have an upcoming programme that benefits all like Pokémon Go , its just a matter of time that you will have business , brands proposing a collaboration or sponsorship deal to leverage on . It is a matter of time that business can buy sponsored poke stop for their business . In a recent article on Forbes, it has reported that the CEO of Niantic has confirmed of plans to have sponsored retail stops on pokemon go.
Poke stops bring together people with common interests who might otherwise never meet. You can take advantage of this at your event. By sponsoring Poke stops or strategically placing beacons for use within an event game app, planners can encourage attendees to come together, mingle and make connections.
In conclusion , there are endless possibilities to ride on the Pokémon Go phenomenon and as if you are a small business  or a marketing associates who are still thinking on how to leverage , check out our facebook page workshops or drop us an email at for our upcoming Pokémon Go Marketing Success Seminar Series which will be commencing on 1st September 2016.


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How Can Drones Engage Attendees In An Event .

dancing drones in events

Drones are providing thrills and new perspectives to events. Among the uses include: deliveries to exhibit booths, attendee registration processing and security surveillance chores.

Event sponsors are also realizing  that the brand ascendancy that’s possible , apart  from event bag logos and other traditional display vehicles. Put your name on the show drone and everyone will replay and remember it for a long time.

As such , I have compiled a list of 5 uses which drones can be used for events :

1.Video & Photography Shooting

Drones are more frequently  use to provide audience and attendee with a panaromic view during the filming and  capturing high action sporting as well as corporate  events that take place on a large outdoor areas  which traditional videography, is limited to do .Naturally, the best parts of the drone footage could be used after the event for an event recap and spreading the word about it, for some branding or for marketing of your next event.

drones waiter1

2. Food & Beverage Delivery 

As speed is the most important for food delivery.Drones can be used to transport food and drinks to the attendees and provide an exciting experience and engagement during the event . Similarly, food delivery companies like FoodPanda are in the midst of preparing itself in speeding up its service to its customers. Thus, in the near future , drones will not be used as a food delivery , it will also be an alternative delivery for goods.

dancing drones

3. Entertainment Program

With special software, drones can be cheorographed to dance above your audience in a complete unison, leaving it completely awed and out of explanations how it is achieved.

Event marketers looking to break down the barrier between face-to-face and virtual events could use drones and  technology. By deploying first-person view, remote attendees could experience the event online – from the expo floor, to general sessions and beyond.

drones delivery

4. Sponsorship Opportunities

Drones offer unique opportunities when it comes to branding and marketing so you could offer them to your . Here are just an example:

  • Product samples/promotional materials
  • An example to hype the event and provide sponsors’ product with a hype would be having sponsors products falling through the certain like sprays of rain at a specific time which is used as gimmick by the announcer to gather guests to look up to the sky for a fountain of goodies dropping .


  •  Flying An Advertising Banner
    That’s the modern, much cheaper and eco-friendlier version of a small plane flying an ad banner and is especially suitable for expos and other outdoor event

It is indeed that drones are able to provide lots of engagement , excitement and experiences to attendees and I forsee that in the coming months and year, the presence of drones will be more profound in an event. The benefits and usages are endless .




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Creating Good Event Experience, Event Setting Matters

Creating Good  Event Experience, Event Setting Matters

As an event organizer as well as a regular attendee of seminars , there are some events which I will look forward to attend. Now what makes one look forward to the event  and to the extend of counting down the date and it indeed the  good event experience encountered from past event like the decoration set up.

In a survey done by Meeting In Business, it is found that :

In Person Meetings Improve:

  • Engagement by 94%​
  • Collaboration by 91%​
  • Development by 88%​
  • Productivity by 84%

Meeting in Person:

  • You are 93% more likely to close the deal​
  • Grow your bottom line by 86%​
  • Increase your network by 90%​
  • 80% of people increase their professional development​


Thus , to achieve the above, one of the methods is to create a memorable and lasting  good event experiences that starts from the moment the attendee or guest enters the event venue and an example would be the event furniture and props used .Imagine having a room filled with rows of leather couches instead of the usual chairs or a room filled with cocktail tables , lighted cubes , soothing lighting , music ? These bring a new event layout and distinguish the event from another by just positioning of the event furniture. Even a small footprint can create an impression  on changing the perception of an event.

Meetings are no different and  if the content is very technical, a comfortable seat  in an evenly-spaced room creates the calm needed to receive and process the information while  a fun sales kick-off,  helps people to want to party.

Good Event Experience

Some of the most rewarding  good event experience come from the post-event survey. Thus, a positive and unique experience will help in getting more repeat attendees for future event or meeting. In conclusion , event ambience apart from the usual agenda of an event does play a paramount in retaining the attendee’s decision in deciding to attend the next event and thus the experience does matter when booking future events with an event planner.


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Ways To Attract Attendees Through Facebook Ads


facebook adsAlmost every one on earth has a Facebook account and thus it makes sense to attract potential attendees to our next event through Facebook Ads. relevant. Thus, the use of  Facebook Ads to market a upcoming event and here are some ways you can use to attract attendees.

Facebook Ad budget can be set from a minimum of S$5 onwards , apart from that  the advert manager tools allow you the organiser to track the ROI from the start.

Identify the event objective is an important element of what you would want to establish through advertising in Face book . Eg you may want to build up brand awareness or increase website traffic that leads up to the event. Thus it is important to know the objective otherwise the success of the campaign is pretty low.

Know your target audience allows you to find the right attendees who are interested in your event, it also allows you to be connect to your existing customers as well. Custom audience targeting is a feature of Facebook Ad that allows you to use this specific information to find the perfect target market for your events.

Brainstorm and research what motivates your audience. and this can be done thru creating content that appeals to certain groups and what better way  is by speaking directly to someone about a subject they care about is the best way to grab their attention and get them to take action.


facebook ads

For an ad to be effective you have to consider more than it’s content. For it to be successful you’ll also need to consider how it will look against the rest of the Facebook page, especially next to all the competing noise.


To advertise successfully over a long period of time it will require time, effort and of course, money. This is why it’s important you control your budget, and know how to prevent overspending. In the Advert Manager tools, click on ‘create a new campaign’ and then either select ‘lifetime budget’ or set your daily amount to a manageable amount.

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Personal Protection Data Act (PDPA) For Events


personal data protection act

The personal data protection act (PDPA) was made mandatory in July 2014 to everyone be it a public or an organisation in collecting personal data  of a ‘prospects’. However , many organisation are not familiar or simply ignorant or are careless in requesting for personal details like name, emails, contact nos, address, Identity  numbers without seeking permission from the prospect. Most assume that personal data protection act (PDPA) only covers the contact no like hand phone numbers or residence numbers , where the public is able to register their contact number under Do not disturb registry. Unfortunately , this is not so , the personal protection data act (PDPA)  includes the above mentioned as well.  As an event organizer, I make it a compulsory clause in every registration which we set up for our events for our clients to protect both our clients and ourselves in case a complaint is made.

In this article, I will share more about  the personal protection data act (PDPA) and what does it cover :

  1. Who are Governed by the Personal Data Protection Act ( PDPA) 

    Organisations that collect, use or disclose an individual’s personal data are regulated by the PDPA. and they include:

    (i)  a self-employed consultant

     (ii) corporate;

    (iii) a society or association So long as an organisation handles customers’ and employees’ personal data,

          this covers virtually all businesses in Singapore.

  2. Who is Protected Under the Personal Data Protection Act ( PDPA)

     The  Personal Data Protection Act (PDPA) protects three groups of individuals:

    (i) customers

    (ii) employees; and

    (iii) others (eg company directors).

  3. Who is Not Protected Under the Personal Data Protection Act (PDPA)?

    Data belonging to companies are  not protected under the  Personal Data Protection Act (PDPA)

  4. What Information is Protected Under the Personal Data Protection Act ( PDPA)?

    All “personal data” belonging to an individual is protected  like : full name, NRIC Number, passport number, photographs and CCTV images, personal mobile telephone number, personal e-mail address, name and residential address.

    However, certain information on its own such as: “To the occupant of #15-01, Block 1000A, Marine Parade Road” will not be considered “personal data”. Interestingly, personal data in a business name card belonging to an individual is not protected  by the Personal data protection act ( PDPA)  if it is not used for personal purposes. Hence, if Mr Tan leaves his business name card at a seminar for the purpose of being included in the organiser’s mailing list to attend future similar seminars, his personal data will not be protected under the PDPA.

  5. Whats Does Companies Have To Do  To Comply Under The Personal Data Protection Act (PDPA)?
  •  The organisation must notify the individual of the purpose eg if  an organisation is having a lucky draw, the participants must be informed that the personal data  collected is for the purposes of that lucky draw and may be disclosed to a third party eg sponsor

  • Second, the personal data required must be reasonable eg.  it is wrong for a TV vendor to ask the buyer for his entire family’s personal data.

  • Third, the organisation must not use false, misleading or deceptive means to obtain an individual’s personal data. eg. advertising for jobs that are non-existent to obtain personal data from applicants.

  • An organisation must notify the individual the specified purpose on or before it collects his personal data.

  • A Consent Form should include: the purpose of collecting the personal data, third parties the personal data may be disclosed to, withdrawal of consent, signature etc. In drafting such a form, care must be taken to avoid the use of language that is too vague or general which may invalidate the use of such a form.

  • A sample clause should look like this :

pdpa clause

If your organisation has not commenced including a personal data protection act (PDPA) clause in the event registration form , it is advisable to start practicing it .

In conclusion, i would like to share this slide .


personal data protection act

Credit :

Mr SL tan of SL Tan & Co  for the article on law gazette for which the bulk of the legal aspect was taken from.

PWC for the use of this slide for the purpose of educating our reader.


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The Event Planning Skills Attributes That Customers Look For


event planning skills

As an event marketing agency , we are the source to go for our corporate clients to go to take  the stress directly linked to events away  and  as such , corporate companies organizer often look out for the following event planning skill attributes of an event agency that have an  awesome event team that has certain event planning skill sets that set them differ from the rest. Now what are the attributes you may ask ?  Listed below are some of the attributes that customers look for during their consideration :

Excellent Interpersonal Skills

At every event , an account serving event planner has to work with a number of different suppliers and people to ensure an event runs smoothly and  being able to manage a team and being able effectively communicate is essential and thus having a good interpersonal skill is vital.

 Creative Thinker

Client would consider creativity and innovative ideas as one of the consideration for awarding of the event to the event agency.  Therefore event manager need to be able to think and do differently. Creativity towards the brief is not where it ends, this skill is essential in  problem solving .


Sharp Eye for Detail

A sharp observant eye is crucial, preventing small issues blowing up  Having a sharp eye and a risk management mental are all vital when ensuring everything is organised.

 Time Management 

Corporate clients depends and expect an  event manager to ensure deadlines are met and details aren’t left forgotten and prioritize whats more important  allows you to be more productive and achieve more within a limited time period. Time is of the essence within events.

In summary : 

The event management industry has evolved tremendously over the past few years and  these key qualities that determine and distinguish an outstanding Event Manager over the rest.


Triple V is Asia leading event marketing and branding agency that help small medium enterprise , association in delivering a holistic marketing solution that are both effective and cost saving. For more information, drop us an email at

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Case Study – Berge Bulk Zugspitze Ship Christening

ship christening

ship christening

Our relationship with our client Berge bulk Singapore started 4 years ago when she first set up her operational headquarters in Singapore. Through the years . we had the privilege of being the event partner for the berge bulk fleet.

What set this christening different from most is the ceremony is hosted in the open sea where the ship is docked which is usually the eastern anchorage .

As the ceremony is held in the ship itself, we had to rely on client’s description and sometimes photos to access the space available for the ceremony prior to the event. There is no changes that we are able to made as the ship usually arrived 2 days before the event.

Unlike setting up at the dry  dock which is usually at the ship yard or Marina Bay Cruise Centre where if there are changes to the decoration or props to catering set up , the set up team would be able to made last minutes rectification, however this is not possible for the set up where the ship is docked in the open sea. Triple V’s operation team has to ensure that every props, equipment , tools have extras as there is no way which the team is able to return to shore to pick up should the items were missed out.

With our past experiences in managing the previous Berge Bulk’s series of ships,  Triple V were tasked to managing the latest ship on 21 March 2016.

Special arrangement were made for all supporting vendors and our operation team to transport the props, tools , sound system by bum boat to where the ship was docked. Once the bum boat reaches 50 m away from the ship, arrangement was made with the seamen on board the ship to lower the pulley down to a height where our team were able to bring it to land on the boat. What followed next were the uploading of the equipment etc to the big net provided and once secured , the seamen proceeded to bring the equipment up to the ship which was at least 10 storey above sea level. The risk of our equipment  fell into the sea were high and all we could do were to trust the able seamen and the machinery.

After the equipment were hoisted up to the ship, my team and I were transferred to the side of the ship where a ladder were raised down for us to climb up to the ship. Looking back , the risk and danger of falling off into the sea were high and thus we had to trust the boat man and our team members to support each other in ensuring the safety of all to reach the ship safely.

On the day of the event, the guests were transported to the ship via a ferry . Each guest was provided with safety jacket and a briefing prior to the departure . As the safety of the guests were the paramount importance, our team along with the Ship Captain in ensuring the safety of the guests.

Due to the small galley of the ship, our team and our partners held 2 rehearsal prior to the event to ensure that the glass shuttles from  the champagne bottles does not flew in the direction of where the guests would gather the next day.

Prior to the commencement of the ceremony, the national anthem of Singapore was played as a mark of respect and these was followed by the welcome speech and the blessing by the Lady Sponsor and upon her blessing, the releasing of the champagne bottle  and the confetti and finally the lion dance blessing and the whole ceremony ends.

This event was a great success as we had very good support from our partners and the team .


Photo credit: Peter Lim Hp 96765804



ship christening

ship christening



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Tips For An Effective Event Space Layout

tips on effective event space layout

One of the biggest challenges that corporate event planners face is  the making a large event  space seem less intimidating and more inviting. Effectively laying out the space for a large event, as you may or may not know, is a bit more difficult than designing an effective layout for a smaller event. You may find it impossible to create an intimate and engaging setting in a large room for seminars or conferences, but it can be done gracefully with a bit of proper planning.  Below are  some tips to take note when planning out your event space.

Location, location, location

  • Location is key when planning your event.  When setting up booths, establish a perimeter around the stage or other areas that may generate lots of noise, and ensure all vendors are outside that perimeter. This prevents communication struggles between vendors and customers, as well as possible acoustic issues


  •  End spaces are the most popular among vendors, as they often get the most traffic. With this in mind, maintain a wide aisle and create distance between your vendor rows to prevent traffic build-up and blockage


  • When responses from attendees or vendors are poor and the venue has been booked and cant be changed to a smaller venue, as organiser , we have to ensure that both the guests, speakers and vendors do not feel empty and it is very demoralising for all. A way to get by is to spread the vendors booths to take up the empty spaces and at the same time , guests will have more space to move and wont feel the small crowd.  Take away the additional chairs is also a way to make the room more spacious.

Crowd control

  • Is your event gated or ticketed? If so, make sure visitors are able to flow in and out easily without long wait times. Plan ahead for crowd buildup, and find a way to keep visitors moving through lines quickly and efficiently, like extra entrances on busier days or multiple check-in points.
  • Signage is key to guiding guests to different areas of your event, including restrooms. Lack of signage can frustrate guests and be costly to your success.

Storms, heat and flooding, oh my!

  • Keep your vendors out of low-lying areas that may flood. This can ruin merchandise and publicity materials, as well as detract guests from visiting those vendors.
  • Have a backup plan ready in case the weather causes a necessary relocation. Whether your vendors can’t be outside in lightning or your outdoor space is completely under water, plan for a second venue in case your event has to be relocated in a short amount of time.

Back of house

  • Both indoor and outdoor events require an area for unloading and preparation for vendors. Designate a staging area before vendors arrive with enough space to hold all of your vendors and their materials. Keep this area organized because chaos in the back creates chaos in the front.

Line of sight

  • If you choose to have a stage, keep the line of sight to the performances, speakers or band open. Don’t place the stage behind columns or in an inaccessible area.

The success of your event begins with the layout. Don’t misjudge the importance of the landscape and designate enough time to properly plan so you aren’t scrambling at the last minute.

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Innovative Ways To Boost Your Event Success


innovative ways to boost an event success

The success of an event depends on many factors and one of them is how to innovative. Whether it is event marketing, or  event management, or  audience engagement, you need to go back to the basic to create some innovative methods .

Know Your Audience

w dress
Every attendee has a different purpose and  objective for attending your event. and one way to be innovative is to know your audience attending the event . Spend some time analysing the demographic of the audience, and the reason behind why they want to attend the event. With these information, drafting your event message and content would make it more impactful.

Make it Personal
Personalize the emails you send out, provide incentives  for past attendees like special price , send personalize thank you email after the event which include providing a link for attendee to send their feedback. By designing an innovative approach , the audience  would feel that they are treated individually and the organizer has a vested interest in the attendees.

Other innovative ways include set up a unique  backdrop for attendees to be photographed or to photograph each other.or Invite a local painting instructor to conduct a step by-step class in the exhibit hall or during a networking event  or set up a computer kiosk where attendees can view pictures from the conference and email out a postcard (or share it with their other social networks, like Facebook). after your event.

Leverage On Event Technologies

Leverage on mobile technologies like apps, websites, landing pages to engage the attendees and make their experience as seamless as possible and to do so, as organisers we have to ensure that the event apps, like event registration, website, apps are all mobile friendly .  In addition, look at how to create activities that can engage the attendees prior to the event and after. An example is to conduct contest or competition that offer attractive prizes.

Big Data

With the completion of the event it is very important to collect important information which would be used to analyse event datas for future events . These information like which social media serves the best engagement, the number of emails sent and the percentage of emails opened . With these big data, it will definitely help in ensuring that the next event will be better designed for the attendee.

Go Green

These days , almost every attendee would own or carry a smart device and it is very normal for the devices to run low on battery and attendee may not bring their chargers or power bank with them, thus  an innovative way is to provide phone charging station at the event ground. To make it more interesting, a possible fun activity which can be conducted at the event site eg generate your ‘electricity’ by riding on the sports bicycle .

Inform attendees what you’re doing in order to gain their buy-in and cooperation. if you print your green info, do so on recycled paper with soy-based inks or  print it on seed paper, which grows wildflowers when planted as well as a compelling piece of information and a souvenir

Make It Fun

Plan fun , interactive and innovative contest to engage the audience eg Where’s Wally ? Post clues on event social media like face book, twitter, flash on screens on clues to locate the mystery person to win a prize. This person can be either a staff or talent or even a key sponsor of the event . A great way to conduct these simple fun activity is during breaks like tea break, lunch break .

If the event is an annual event, you can consider creating a event series souvenirs like compass. An event which I have hosted provided different series of compass for each ship launch that the company commission. The response was very encouraging as guests looked forward to collecting these limited edition gifts each time they attend the event.

The above are some possible innovative ways to boost your event success. Triple V’s professional event managers will be most glad to brainstorm more creative ideas to engage and deliver awesome experiences for your next event. Drop us an email at if we could add value to your next event.








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Think of Sponsors As Partners And Not A CASH Cow

think of sponsors as partners and not a cash cow

think of sponsors as partners and not a cash cow

One of the biggest mistakes which many organisation , association and charitable organisation  in seeking sponsorship is to think only of  their  own needs and wants. Thus the  sponsorship proposal therefore tends to be about you rather than focusing on the sponsor’s needs.

Sponsorship is a  commercial benefit one can offer a potential sponsor.  A sponsor  is not inclined to give  money for a deserving cause – unless there is a win-win proposition which include a package of benefits that makes their money worth.

Each day , Sponsors  are besieged by heaps of applicants seeking money. Therefore, you need to tailor the content of your proposal to suit the sponsor’s unique requirements and one of the step is to think of  the sponsors as our potential partner vs them as a CASH Cow .

You need to be able to offer a sponsor an avenue for them to reach out to their target market and some of the ways include :

  1. Research on each sponsor and look for fit to suit their unique needs and these can be found by doing a website or Google search .
  2. Check their sponsorship record to get a better idea of the sponsors direction and strategy
  3. Brainstorm creative ideas or angles to provide sponsors ideas on how to connect to their target audience through  their sponsorship.
  4. As an ‘icing on the cake’ leverage on promotional activities to help the sponsor leverage the benefits from their commitment. thus making sponsors feel they have a sponsee  who really wants to help them to maximize the value of their sponsorship.
  5. Consider getting a few sponsors together with each other to cross-promote their products or services in relation to your event. e.g. you might suggest to a tennis racquet manufacturer that they team with a sports bag manufacturer or tennis shoe manufacturer who also sponsor your tennis event. A joint promotion would benefit everyone (especially your event!)

Next in the offer would be the benefits that sponsors can get from the sponsorship and some ideas are:

  1. Overall naming rights
  2. Naming rights to a series of  events organised by the sponsee
  3. Naming rights to a related or minor event
  4. Exclusivity among sponsors at a given level
  5. Choice of sponsor venue for launch, main event or supporting event
  6. On-site product sampling opportunities
  7. Demonstration or display opportunities
  8. Event signage, exclusive or non-exclusive
  9. Signage on buildings, structures, vehicles, competitor uniforms, event staff
  10. Opportunity to provide contra – free equipment, services, technology or staff as part of the value of the sponsorship deal
  11. Lunch sponsorship during conference or meetings
  12. Coffee Bar
  13. Lanyard sponsorship

The list are just a sampler of the many benefits which a sponsee can provide to a sponsors. The onus is therefore on you to use a big creative idea supported by various sponsor benefits.




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