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9 Ideas to Leverage On Pokémon Go For Your Next Marketing Campaign

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The buzzwords these days in the world is Pokémon Go and the craze has caught on  with both young and old in search of pokemons at park , places of interest, malls so and so forth. With the heat catching on, this allows event planners, business as well as marketers to  leverage  on the current wave with new marketing campaign and here are 9 ideas about Pokémon Go that you can leverage on.


Celebrating its 20th year since its was created, Pokémon has evolved to Pokémon Go where the game has moved from its original card games , books to its current augmented reality version in which it has succeeded in catching the masses liking. Similarly , as marketers and business we can also evolve our past ideas or campaigns and design it for the current market.

 Augmented Reality
The most exciting component of the game as it allows one to interact with  real objects and places
the blend of digital and live engagement will create potential effect in both events and business.
Though the price to set up the application of the technology is a high ticket item, one can start with a shared augmented reality platform like  arkeep whre are augmented reality apps. This apps can be downloaded on both apple and google  play. Another use of augmented reality in exhibition or forum  would be the use of story to the event that leads up to the day of the event.
In the game of Pokémon Go, Pokémon trainers are rewarded with medals and pokeballs through challenges and similar to the game, marketers and business can reward their customers and attendees with multiple level of rewards through simple games like wheel of fortune, tic tac toe and even have an improved version of loyalty card.
pokemon promotion
If you have an event or sales or even a retail front that are situated in a slow traffic position , as a marketer or business you can leverage on pokemon would be designing ‘Pokestops’ related promotion or incentive and hype it up with ‘lure module’  to get customers to stay longer at your outlet or business. There are countless of ideas that  you can generate from this current pokemon go craze.  Eg include : poke hunt , tag a pokestop etc.
Source : https://twitter.com/rwsentosa/status/762620557854728192
Photo Opportunities
Snapping photos and posting on social media is one the favourite with lots of people. Similarly , as a business or as an event organizer , one can leverage on the photo opportunities of the event or business to increase event brand awareness and to entice to spread the word, through hashtag , provide incentive to the attendees with freebies, or discounts .
Value Add Services
As the game takes up lots of data and battery life, as a business as well as an event organizer, placing battery charging stations for the players to charge their phones and while they are at it , entice them to post event happenings with a contest and for business a discount for a drink or merchandise .
Like downloading the game of Pokémon Go is free, event planners and business can also consider as a prelude to your upcoming event or meeting or promotions with free contents by presenters or free breakfast for the 1st …. arrival at a live event etc. Who would not like free stuffs ?
Leveraging on the current craze, business and event organisers can strike a win for all strategy through sponsorship of the event or forum . If you have an upcoming programme that benefits all like Pokémon Go , its just a matter of time that you will have business , brands proposing a collaboration or sponsorship deal to leverage on . It is a matter of time that business can buy sponsored poke stop for their business . In a recent article on Forbes, it has reported that the CEO of Niantic has confirmed of plans to have sponsored retail stops on pokemon go.
Poke stops bring together people with common interests who might otherwise never meet. You can take advantage of this at your event. By sponsoring Poke stops or strategically placing beacons for use within an event game app, planners can encourage attendees to come together, mingle and make connections.
In conclusion , there are endless possibilities to ride on the Pokémon Go phenomenon and as if you are a small business  or a marketing associates who are still thinking on how to leverage , check out our facebook page www.facebook.com/empowering workshops or drop us an email at askme@triplev.com.sg for our upcoming Pokémon Go Marketing Success Seminar Series which will be commencing on 1st September 2016.


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