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How Can Drones Engage Attendees In An Event .

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Drones are providing thrills and new perspectives to events. Among the uses include: deliveries to exhibit booths, attendee registration processing and security surveillance chores.

Event sponsors are also realizing  that the brand ascendancy that’s possible , apart  from event bag logos and other traditional display vehicles. Put your name on the show drone and everyone will replay and remember it for a long time.

As such , I have compiled a list of 5 uses which drones can be used for events :

1.Video & Photography Shooting

Drones are more frequently  use to provide audience and attendee with a panaromic view during the filming and  capturing high action sporting as well as corporate  events that take place on a large outdoor areas  which traditional videography, is limited to do .Naturally, the best parts of the drone footage could be used after the event for an event recap and spreading the word about it, for some branding or for marketing of your next event.

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2. Food & Beverage Delivery 

As speed is the most important for food delivery.Drones can be used to transport food and drinks to the attendees and provide an exciting experience and engagement during the event . Similarly, food delivery companies like FoodPanda are in the midst of preparing itself in speeding up its service to its customers. Thus, in the near future , drones will not be used as a food delivery , it will also be an alternative delivery for goods.

dancing drones

3. Entertainment Program

With special software, drones can be cheorographed to dance above your audience in a complete unison, leaving it completely awed and out of explanations how it is achieved.

Event marketers looking to break down the barrier between face-to-face and virtual events could use drones and  technology. By deploying first-person view, remote attendees could experience the event online – from the expo floor, to general sessions and beyond.

drones delivery

4. Sponsorship Opportunities

Drones offer unique opportunities when it comes to branding and marketing so you could offer them to your . Here are just an example:

  • Product samples/promotional materials
  • An example to hype the event and provide sponsors’ product with a hype would be having sponsors products falling through the certain like sprays of rain at a specific time which is used as gimmick by the announcer to gather guests to look up to the sky for a fountain of goodies dropping .


  •  Flying An Advertising Banner
    That’s the modern, much cheaper and eco-friendlier version of a small plane flying an ad banner and is especially suitable for expos and other outdoor event

It is indeed that drones are able to provide lots of engagement , excitement and experiences to attendees and I forsee that in the coming months and year, the presence of drones will be more profound in an event. The benefits and usages are endless .




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