Creating Good Event Experience, Event Setting Matters

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Creating Good Event Experience, Event Setting Matters

Creating Good  Event Experience, Event Setting Matters

As an event organizer as well as a regular attendee of seminars , there are some events which I will look forward to attend. Now what makes one look forward to the event  and to the extend of counting down the date and it indeed the  good event experience encountered from past event like the decoration set up.

In a survey done by Meeting In Business, it is found that :

In Person Meetings Improve:

  • Engagement by 94%​
  • Collaboration by 91%​
  • Development by 88%​
  • Productivity by 84%

Meeting in Person:

  • You are 93% more likely to close the deal​
  • Grow your bottom line by 86%​
  • Increase your network by 90%​
  • 80% of people increase their professional development​


Thus , to achieve the above, one of the methods is to create a memorable and lasting  good event experiences that starts from the moment the attendee or guest enters the event venue and an example would be the event furniture and props used .Imagine having a room filled with rows of leather couches instead of the usual chairs or a room filled with cocktail tables , lighted cubes , soothing lighting , music ? These bring a new event layout and distinguish the event from another by just positioning of the event furniture. Even a small footprint can create an impression  on changing the perception of an event.

Meetings are no different and  if the content is very technical, a comfortable seat  in an evenly-spaced room creates the calm needed to receive and process the information while  a fun sales kick-off,  helps people to want to party.

Good Event Experience

Some of the most rewarding  good event experience come from the post-event survey. Thus, a positive and unique experience will help in getting more repeat attendees for future event or meeting. In conclusion , event ambience apart from the usual agenda of an event does play a paramount in retaining the attendee’s decision in deciding to attend the next event and thus the experience does matter when booking future events with an event planner.


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