Ways To Attract Attendees Through Facebook Ads

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Ways To Attract Attendees Through Facebook Ads


facebook adsAlmost every one on earth has a Facebook account and thus it makes sense to attract potential attendees to our next event through Facebook Ads. relevant. Thus, the use of  Facebook Ads to market a upcoming event and here are some ways you can use to attract attendees.

Facebook Ad budget can be set from a minimum of S$5 onwards , apart from that  the advert manager tools allow you the organiser to track the ROI from the start.

Identify the event objective is an important element of what you would want to establish through advertising in Face book . Eg you may want to build up brand awareness or increase website traffic that leads up to the event. Thus it is important to know the objective otherwise the success of the campaign is pretty low.

Know your target audience allows you to find the right attendees who are interested in your event, it also allows you to be connect to your existing customers as well. Custom audience targeting is a feature of Facebook Ad that allows you to use this specific information to find the perfect target market for your events.

Brainstorm and research what motivates your audience. and this can be done thru creating content that appeals to certain groups and what better way  is by speaking directly to someone about a subject they care about is the best way to grab their attention and get them to take action.


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For an ad to be effective you have to consider more than it’s content. For it to be successful you’ll also need to consider how it will look against the rest of the Facebook page, especially next to all the competing noise.


To advertise successfully over a long period of time it will require time, effort and of course, money. This is why it’s important you control your budget, and know how to prevent overspending. In the Advert Manager tools, click on ‘create a new campaign’ and then either select ‘lifetime budget’ or set your daily amount to a manageable amount.

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