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Case Study – Berge Bulk Zugspitze Ship Christening

ship christening

ship christening

Our relationship with our client Berge bulk Singapore started 4 years ago when she first set up her operational headquarters in Singapore. Through the years . we had the privilege of being the event partner for the berge bulk fleet.

What set this christening different from most is the ceremony is hosted in the open sea where the ship is docked which is usually the eastern anchorage .

As the ceremony is held in the ship itself, we had to rely on client’s description and sometimes photos to access the space available for the ceremony prior to the event. There is no changes that we are able to made as the ship usually arrived 2 days before the event.

Unlike setting up at the dry  dock which is usually at the ship yard or Marina Bay Cruise Centre where if there are changes to the decoration or props to catering set up , the set up team would be able to made last minutes rectification, however this is not possible for the set up where the ship is docked in the open sea. Triple V’s operation team has to ensure that every props, equipment , tools have extras as there is no way which the team is able to return to shore to pick up should the items were missed out.

With our past experiences in managing the previous Berge Bulk’s series of ships,  Triple V were tasked to managing the latest ship on 21 March 2016.

Special arrangement were made for all supporting vendors and our operation team to transport the props, tools , sound system by bum boat to where the ship was docked. Once the bum boat reaches 50 m away from the ship, arrangement was made with the seamen on board the ship to lower the pulley down to a height where our team were able to bring it to land on the boat. What followed next were the uploading of the equipment etc to the big net provided and once secured , the seamen proceeded to bring the equipment up to the ship which was at least 10 storey above sea level. The risk of our equipment  fell into the sea were high and all we could do were to trust the able seamen and the machinery.

After the equipment were hoisted up to the ship, my team and I were transferred to the side of the ship where a ladder were raised down for us to climb up to the ship. Looking back , the risk and danger of falling off into the sea were high and thus we had to trust the boat man and our team members to support each other in ensuring the safety of all to reach the ship safely.

On the day of the event, the guests were transported to the ship via a ferry . Each guest was provided with safety jacket and a briefing prior to the departure . As the safety of the guests were the paramount importance, our team along with the Ship Captain in ensuring the safety of the guests.

Due to the small galley of the ship, our team and our partners held 2 rehearsal prior to the event to ensure that the glass shuttles from  the champagne bottles does not flew in the direction of where the guests would gather the next day.

Prior to the commencement of the ceremony, the national anthem of Singapore was played as a mark of respect and these was followed by the welcome speech and the blessing by the Lady Sponsor and upon her blessing, the releasing of the champagne bottle  and the confetti and finally the lion dance blessing and the whole ceremony ends.

This event was a great success as we had very good support from our partners and the team .


Photo credit: Peter Lim Hp 96765804



ship christening

ship christening



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